Get a Kleercut Action Pack and Get Organizing


There are people all over the world just like you who care about the environment and want to take action to stop Kimberly-Clark from trashing our forests. Now you can use the Kleercut Action Pack to help you organize likeminded people in your community to take Kimberly-Clark down!

Download the Canadian Action Pack (PDF, 1.2M)
Download the US Action Pack (PDF, 1.2M)
Download Student Materials

Everything you always wanted to know about organizing but were afraid to ask

Have questions? Need materials? Want advice? We've gathered together everything you need to organize against Kimberly-Clark in your community, and put it together in one handy, downloadable package: behold the Kleercut Action Pack

The Action Pack is jammed full of resources, including:

Information and tips --

  • How to start your own Kleercut campaign
  • Action ideas for your campaign
  • Tips for getting great media
  • Tips for staging effective street theatre
  • Speaking points for media interviews and talking to shoppers

Sample materials --

  • Sample letter to the manager of a grocery store
  • Sample letter to the CEO of Kimberly-Clark
  • Sample letter to the editor
  • Sample media advisory & media release
Do-it-yourself Kleercut Box
Pull-out materials --

  • Poster
  • Leaflet
  • Banner templates
  • Sign-up sheet

And in case you still have questions or need support, the Action Pack also gives you the contact information you need to get in touch with Greenpeace organizers.

Download the Canadian Action Pack (PDF, 1.2M)
Download the US Action Pack (PDF, 1.2M)

Sweet hookups

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So get out there

Whether you're a seasoned activist or a have never been to a demonstration in your life, whether you're from a small town or a big city, you can start taking action against Kimberly-Clark in your community today. You can start small by going on a postering or stickering blitz, or you can go big by hanging a banner or holding a demo outside a grocery store. There are hundreds of things you can do - the only limit is your imagination.

Get an Action Pack, gather some friends, and show Kimberly-Clark that people across the world aren't willing to stand by while a multinational company destroys their forests.

Get Local: Download a Kleercut Action Pack Now!

How you can help...

Understand the issues

Kimberly-Clark clearcuts ancient forests to manufacture Kleenex tissue products. Become the most informed activist you can be by finding out more about:

Take action!

Help stop Kimberly-Clark and Kleenex from destroying ancient forests like the Boreal forest. Here are some simple yet effective things you can do.

Stay informed

Join fellow Ancient Forest Defenders. Keep informed of on the latest buzz and news, actions, pressure points and events through regular updates.

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