Greenpeace Locks Down Kimberly-Clark Headquarters

Activists lock down inside Kimberly-Clark headquarterst to protest Boreal forest destruction

On Feb 12, 2007 four activists locked themselves together with chains inside Kimberly-Clark?s Canadian headquarters in Toronto. They announced that they would stay put until K-C?s Vice President of Environment, Ken Strassner, agreed to meet with Greenpeace.

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To listen to phone messages left by the activists from inside KC headquarters, click here.

As the four entered the office and locked down, others broadcast chainsaw noises and dumped woodchips in the corridors to highlight the company?s ongoing destruction of Canada?s magnificent Boreal Forest and to further disrupt operations in the office.

The activists were removed by police a few hours after they entered the building, charged with mischief and released.

Despite growing pressure from Kimberly-Clark?s customers and investors in the form of contract cancellations and shareholder resolutions; blockades in Canada, the U.S., and Europe; and the letters and phone calls of tens of thousands of you around the world, Kimberly-Clark has refused to stop making Kleenex out of clearcut ancient forests. And since April last year, Ken Strassner has refused to meet with Greenpeace, or even to return our letters or calls.

Take action!

Call or email Ken Strassner now. As Vice President of Environment, it?s his job to make sure that his company is sustainable. By refusing to address K-C?s destruction of ancient forests, or even to meet with Greenpeace, he?s not doing too well!

You can also call his boss, CEO Thomas Falk, and tell him to take action. If Ken Strassner won?t deal with this problem, then the man at the top should step in and do something!

To read the press release from the day?s action, click here.

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Kimberly-Clark clearcuts ancient forests to manufacture Kleenex tissue products. Become the most informed activist you can be by finding out more about:

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Help stop Kimberly-Clark and Kleenex from destroying ancient forests like the Boreal forest. Here are some simple yet effective things you can do.

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