Greenpeace Confronts Cottonelle in Philly

Cottonelle Tour a Forest Crime Scene

The Cottonelle dog-bus showed up in Philadelphia, and – like New York just weeks ago – Greenpeace was there to stand up for ancient forests. This time the strange looking dog-bus was parked across from Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Cottonelle-hawking marketers invited passersby to come aboard the bus to talk about butts and, of course, buy Cottonelle.

Is Cottonelle coming to a town near you? Send us an alert and help us track the Tour!

Skipping the butt-talk, Greenpeace activists sprang into action, unfurling a bright yellow “Forest Crime Scene” banner in front of the dog-bus. The activists then beat Kimberly-Clark at its marketing game, talking to hundreds of people about Cottonelle’s connection to ancient forest destruction. Upon learning that Cottonelle, Kleenex, Huggies and other Kimberly-Clark brands wipe away ancient forests, many people pledged to buy other forest friendly tissues.

Click here for a list of products in the United States and here for tissue products available in Canada.

Join activists across North America to confront the forest-destroying Cottonelle bus! The toilet paper pushing dog-bus is scheduled to tour cities in the US and Canada. If you see the bus on the road or think it is coming to your town, let us know!

In addition to letting us know if you see the bus, you can download and print our full or half sheet flyers to spread the word about Cottonelle and forest destruction (you’ll need Adobe Reader).

Stay tuned for more on Greenpeace and the Cottonelle bus!

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