Activists Deploy Banner and Lock Down Knoxville Office

Knoxville Banner Deployment

Today two climbers unfurled a banner at the Kimberly-Clark World Administrative Headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee while additional activists locked down to the front entrance of the building.

This was the latest in a series of actions designed to bring the reality of Kimberly-Clark's ancient forest destruction to the company doorstep.
The international Kleercut campaign wants Kimberly-Clark to stop purchasing pulp from destructive logging operations in the North American Boreal Forest while increasing its use of recycled materials for disposable products like Kleenex, Scott and Cottonelle.

“Greenpeace demands that Kimberly-Clark stop wiping away our treasured, ancient forests to make disposable products like tissue and toilet paper,” said Lindsey Allen, Greenpeace forest campaigner. “Greenpeace will continue to directly communicate with Kimberly-Clark employees at events like this until the company stops using endangered forests such as the Boreal to make products that are used once and then thrown away.”

A recent Greenpeace report revealed that Kimberly-Clark devastated Ontario’s Kenogami Forest while promoting itself as a socially responsible environmental leader. The report, “Cut and Run: Kimberly-Clark's Legacy of Environmental Devastation,” uses government information, independent audits, public records, and satellite mapping to document Kimberly-Clark’s management and logging of the Kenogami Forest near Thunder Bay, Ontario. It details how, in just 70 years, the Kenogami Forest has been turned from a vast expanse of healthy, near-pristine forest to a severely damaged landscape rife with social and environmental problems--largely to make products that are used once and then thrown away.

Seven activists have been detained. Photos will be posted as they become available.

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