US Recycled Tissue Guide Released

Avoid Kleenex, Viva, Scott, Cottonelle, and others

US Tissue Guide

Americans could save more than 400,000 trees if each family bought a roll of recycled toilet paper—just once. Recycled tissue products help protect ancient forests, clean water, and wildlife habitat and yet some companies still make products with no recycled content.

Tissue products are used once and then thrown or flushed away. Buying products made with post-consumer recycled content that have not been bleached with chlorine compounds reduces our impact on ancient forests and the broader environment.

Greenpeace surveyed companies that make toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towels, and paper napkins available to US consumers to find out which of the products met our criteria. Visit our online version of the guide or read on to learn more about the criteria used to compare products.

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Products that meet 3 criteria are recommended, products that meet 2 criteria can do better, and products that meet 1 criteria, if any, are to be avoided.


-- 100% overall recycled content
-- At least 50% post-consumer recycled content
-- Bleached without toxic chlorine compounds


Greenpeace used product labeling and direct verification of claims by the companies included in our Guide. In the few cases where companies did not respond to our request for verification of recycled content percentages and whitening processes used, we assumed 0% overall recycled, 0% post-consumer recycled and ECF bleaching.

If you have additional brands that you think may meet our criteria or if you have additional information that may help us better evaluate a product please email

Reusable Cloth Products

Greenpeace also recommends using reusable cloth hankies instead of facial tissues as using handkerchiefs further reduces our impact on ancient forests.

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Kimberly-Clark clearcuts ancient forests to manufacture Kleenex tissue products. Become the most informed activist you can be by finding out more about:

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Help stop Kimberly-Clark and Kleenex from destroying ancient forests like the Boreal forest. Here are some simple yet effective things you can do.

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