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New Kimberly-Clark Office Locked Down by Greenpeace Movers

Cut & Run

We all know Kimberly-Clark (K-C) does not use recycled fiber content in their products. As the world’s largest tissue producer this behavior contributes to the destruction of ancient forests essential in fighting climate change and providing habitat for native wildlife.

This morning, in Franklin, Massachusetts, Greenpeace activists, dressed as movers, welcomed the Kimberly-Clark employees as they moved into their new office space, moving in boxes of products containing recycled content. Activists then locked down to while inside the building only willing to leave if K-C agreed to sign a pledge to protect forests and use recycled content in Kleenex. It's time for K-C to change more than office space.

More photos are available here.

Greenpeace Activists Launch Blockade at Kimberly-Clark facility in Connecticut

Blockade by activists halts trucks entering and leaving New Milford Kleenex facility

Cut & Run

As we all know, Kimberly-Clark refuses to stop destroying ancient forests to make Kleenex, Scott and Cottonelle products. Since the company has been unwilling to create a fiber policy that increases the use of recycled fiber and because they continue to destroy ancient forests, Kleercut activists today launched a blockade at KC’s New Milford, Connecticut facility. This massive plant accounts for 40% of the Kleenex and Scott products for the United States; most products made here contain little or no recycled fiber.

The blockade started around 11:00 AM local time when three activists locked themselves to the South Gate of Kimberly-Clark’s facility, halting truck traffic into and out of the gate. In the meantime, two activists distributed tree seedlings with an attached note that read: “We know Kimberly-Clark can do better. Here is a start.” onto cars in the employee parking lot. The fact sheet distributed at the same time requests KC employees “ask KC to be an environmental leader,” given, as a paper company, its responsibility to protect the forests.

Greenpeace Confronts Cottonelle in Philly

Cottonelle Tour a Forest Crime Scene

The Cottonelle dog-bus showed up in Philadelphia, and – like New York just weeks ago – Greenpeace was there to stand up for ancient forests. This time the strange looking dog-bus was parked across from Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Cottonelle-hawking marketers invited passersby to come aboard the bus to talk about butts and, of course, buy Cottonelle.

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Four activists arrested while protesting against Kimberly-Clark in Canada’s top shopping mall

Greenpeace activist arrested protesting destruction of Canada's Boreal Forest

High profile companies like Kimberly-Clark, Sears, and Best Buy accused of fuelling the destruction of Canada’s Boreal Forest

March 27, 2008 Four Greenpeace activists have been arrested after attempting to unfurl a massive 3.1 x 34 metre banner inside Toronto’s Eaton Center. The message: “Sears, Best Buy, Indigo Books, Toys “R” Us, Canadian Tire and Kleenex = Boreal Forest Destruction.”

Kleenex Strikes Out at Wrigley Field

Remember when a Kleenex commercial crew was surprised by Greenpeace activists in New York City this spring? Well, it’s happened again.

Kleercut banner and couch

This time, Kimberly-Clark showed up outside Wrigley Field – home of the Chicago Cubs. As usual, they invited the public to sit on a couch and "let it out" to a fake shrink. What they didn’t consider was the irony of advertising Kleenex at a Cubs game while destroying habitat for cubs (and bears) in the Boreal Forest.

You could say they walked right into the pitch.

Kimberly-Clark a Bad Investment

Kimberly-Clark, Bad Investment

At the Bank of America Annual Investor Conference that wraps up today in San Francisco, Kimberly-Clark was singled out as a bad investment. On Monday activists gathered outside of the Ritz-Carlton with Kleercut banners and shirts conveying to investors the failure of Kimberly-Clark to protect the Boreal forest. In addition to the presence outside each hotel guest received a copy of the spoofed conference newsletter. After explaining Bank of America's role in funding environmentally destructive practices the newsletter went on to highlight Kimberly-Clark as an unsustainable company to avoid.

Greenpeace Ship Blocks Freighter Exporting Boreal Pulp to Europe

Greenpeace Zodiac Blocks Freighter from Exporting Boreal Forest Pulp

It isn't only Kimberly-Clark causing the destruction of the Boreal Forest. Other companies are fueling this destruction -- but all need to step up and take action to protect the forest, not just hide their heads in the sand.

On Friday morning, the Greenpeace Ship Artic Sunrise began a blockade of the freighter Jaeger Arrow in Quebec’s Saguenay River, preventing the export of thousands of tonnes of pulp to Europe. The pulp, manufactured by SFK Pulp from destructive logging in Canada’s Boreal Forest, is destined for paper giant Stora Enso in Germany and France. Courageous Greenpeace activists are preventing the freighter from departing. They are risking arrest and injury to stop the export of Boreal forest destruction.

Greenpeace increases pressure on Kimberly-Clark at Shareholder Meeting

In a one-two punch against Kimberly-Clark, the Kleercut campaign made important progress last week at KC's Annual General Meeting (AGM). A significant portion of KC shareholders voted in favor of a proposal submitted by Domini Social Investments. This proposal, which addresses many of the Kleercut campaign's concerns, asks the company to: prepare a report assessing the feasibility of phasing out our company's use of non-FSC certified fiber within 10 years� with an emphasis on increasing the use of recycled fiber and avoiding fiber sourced from certification schemes other than FSC. The resolution earned the support of 7.4% of voting shares or a whopping $2 billion worth of KC stock. By voting in favor of the resolution, KC shareholders have sent a strong message to KC executives that the company's environmentally irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated.

Chicago Volunteers Deliver Singing Telegram to K-C Boardmember Rice

Members of the University of Chicago Environmental Concerns Organization delivered a singing telegram to Kimberly-Clark Board member Linda Johnson Rice's receptionist, Helena Boyd. The video is difficult to see so please focus on the audio.

Boyd was so impressed, she promised to deliver a letter to Linda Johnson Rice, and asked for a copy of the video footage from the event to share with Rice.

Kleercut NY volunteers "Let It Out"

You may have noticed lately the new Kleenex Let It Out tv commercials and massive PR campaign where folks stop to sit on a blue couch and share personal stories that make them 'cry' into some facial tissue. On Saturday, Kleenex and Kimberly-Clark got more than they bargained for when Kleercut activists arrived to Let It Out about the fact that they are making tissue from ancient forests during their New York City filming.

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